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WokeFace Cookie Love Tribute - 2020

Mediums and Methods

3D design and printing, sugar, flour, eggs, good lovely feelings


Portland, Oregon


Kimberly Sprague

In early 2020 I wanted to do something special to impress an amazing human being who had captured my interest, so I decided to bake them cookies decorated with images inspired by one of their favorite artists, Portland-based street artist WokeFace. I found this artist through my partner's eyes and fell in love with their work, which is simple, sometimes cartoonish, colorful, and full of optimism that feels like a transgressive visual act of protest against the darker forces that share our world.

WokeFace's work had a special meaning to us - it was one of our first shared interests. So, as a tryout-baker, I had to make sure the cookies looked good - an assured win in case the taste wasn't. I scanned WokeFace’s portfolio for designs that would make good cookies. I downloaded and processed the images I collected and used Fusion360 to design and 3D print WokeFace-inspired cookie cutters out of this art. What I did was at best fan/tribute art and at worst was definitely an act of copyright infringement, but I endeavored to conduct this unsanctioned exchange ethically by printing a full set of the cutters for the artist to keep, and including a thumb drive with the sole copy of the designs to do with as they see fit.

My partner found the cookies a hit (taste notwithstanding) – apparently! - and it also really honored WokeFace. To help share the designs, WokeFace offered the files for free on their site and made a short run of the cutters on sale at material and shipping costs. All in all, I accomplished my goal of impressing my now longtime partner — and got to share the sweetness widely!

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