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My name is Sean Hathaway (he/him). I'm a software engineer and interactive digital artist based in Portland, Oregon with 20+ years of combined experience in both fields. I have a reputation for innovation and delivering rock-solid solutions for complex projects.

Working in both traditional business environments and on experimental interactive art/marketing projects has enabled me to develop deep insight into what it takes to deliver successful solutions regardless of the application. As such, my go-to answer when presented with a client inquiry is usually "That depends - please tell me more!" I won't always have all of the answers but I'll often have a roadmap to arrive at them.

Since early 2010, alongside my work in industry, I have been creating interactive multimedia projects that generate enduring impressions while bridging the divide between the digital and the physical for both private and corporate clients under the banner of SHLabs, my own multimedia lab, and creative consultancy. This is the work that has always been my passion but I have lately come to see it as my purpose.

It has been an honor to work alongside some of the best professionals in the industry, and I'm always looking forward to fostering new partnerships and taking on new challenges.

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My Story

My coding career began on Christmas morning when I was 8 years old. Instead of the Nintendo, I had been hoping for, my parents presented me with a Commodore 64 to feed the insatiable curiosity that had led occasionally to the disassembling of valuable household gadgets. I dove into BASIC and relentlessly experimented with the Commodore's capabilities. Throughout school, I furthered my development skills by working on mathematical solving, simulations, scientific data analysis, and creating simple games in my free time. In the past two decades, I have been part of a small team that developed the core software suite for an imaging and data capture startup that allowed it to become an industry leader in accounts payable and medical claim processing automation. My work has included data storage, data matching, reporting, and building flexible engines to handle different sets of business rules for each client.
I also deeply enjoy creating multi-media digital art both for myself and for clients under the name of SHLabs; from microcontroller audio analysis-driven lighting to large-scale animatronic sculptural installations. My portfolio includes several commissioned pieces which have been well-received by clients and viewers alike. Additionally, I am the curator of a popular long-running technical art showcase which recently partnered with the OMSI Portland Winter Lights Festival to give visibility to and to create a community within those with similar passions. I pride myself on having excellent problem-solving and research skills and an eye for detail. When designing coded solutions, I make sure to include non-destructive fail-safes that give clear visibility to faults. My design philosophy is to start with the hardest part first (fail first) so that potential roadblocks can be identified and overcome early in the development process. Furthermore, I always consider where hooks for future expansion may be desired while designing code that will ease future modifications and expansions. In addition to my software design work, I have experience with parametric 3D design and fast prototyping as well as a good working knowledge of physical automation, robotic kinematics, and motion control.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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