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Gaussian Jellyfish - 2019

Mediums and Methods

Silk fabric, addressable LEDs, microcontroller, and firmware development in c++


Portland, Oregon

The school of 12 is a series of LED-illuminated silk jellyfish using a Perlin noise function to create a very organic, soothing, and mesmerizing viewing experience. The jellyfish are animated through pulsating trails of lighting that simulate the rhythmic wavelike motion of a real jellyfish as it swims. To further anchor the swimming motion in the natural world, the math responsible for the animation's attenuation as it progresses down the length of each jellyfish is borrowed from the Gaussian distribution of the uncertainty in the position of a quantum particle as it moves through space over time. Each jellyfish employs individual randomness that slowly alters its animation speed and breadth of color palette expression. As an ensemble that closely resembles a school of 12 living jellyfish swimming together, each unique in its own right but united by their collective similarity to life itself.

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