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Disco Dino Mask - 2022

Mediums and Methods

Acrylic paint, 3D printing, addressable LEDs, LIT project module, Fiber optic filament.


New York, New York
Portland, Oregon


Sam Klein


The Disco Dino mask is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art with control for animation and sound responsiveness provided by a LIT module (see LIT project for details). The mask's frill is comprised of one thousand individual fiberoptic strands bonded into a 3D printed headpiece containing addressable LEDs and fitted to the top of the mask. This mask was a collaboration with the talented visual artist Sam Klein who expertly painted the Therizinosaurus mask with durable acrylics while incorporating several varieties of photo-responsive color-changing pigments creating additional light play by responding to the changing color patterns of the illuminated frill.

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