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BeArduino - 2013

Mediums and Methods

Hacked toy bears, Arduino, and Software in c and c#




The Ruxpins

BeArduino is an extension of the T,E.D. project following its completion directed towards the hacker/maker community. The one hundred bears that were hardware hacked for the original installation worked as hobby servos easily controlled by the very popular Arduino microcontroller. I packaged up the bears individually with a download link for instructions and Arduino code examples and released them all into the wild— starting with the first 60 at the 2013 Bay Area Makers Faire. It was exciting to see how quickly other creative makers engaged with the invitation! Among the projects of note, Sean Gallagher, then IT editor at ArsTechnica, did a series of articles on that platform featuring the teddy as his standard vessel for all things IoT. Gallagher’s series culminated in 2017 with the profoundly unsettling “Tedlexa”. Another fascinating use case was Seattle filmmaker, Mike Chilson, using the bears to create an award-winning romantic comedy centering on the fictional troubled relationship of two of the bears ( ‘The Ruxpins’).

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